Our Agents and Staff

Our agents and staff strive to provide the best customer service to our clients. Each member of our team has one focus — the clients needs. Customer satisfaction is key to our success at Michiana Insurance.

At Michiana Insurance, you will recognize our steep tradition of high quality customer service causing you to leave behind the old feeling of being treated like “just another number”.

Your Independent Insurance Agents or Brokers:
  • are licensed professionals with strong ties to the community and customers we serve.
  • are value hunters who look after your pocketbook by finding the best combination of price, coverage, and service.
  • have several highly rated companies to choose from to best match our customers with great coverage and rates.
  • offer one-stop shopping for a full range of personal, commercial, and government products.
  • deliver professional periodic reviews to keep your coverage current with the growth of your personal or business portfolio.
  • will assist you every step of the way with our certified and licensed staff when you have a claim.

Home, Life, Auto, Boat

Michiana Insurance is a value leader when it comes to your personal insurance needs. Our agents quote multiple insurance carriers on your behalf. They work to create cost-effective options that maximize your coverage and applicable policy discounts — saving you time and money. At Michiana Insurance, we don’t believe in a one-time customer experience. We create a lifelong relationship that our customers rely on. Our experienced, experts guide our clients in the decision making process.

Commercial & Municipalities

Our team of professional insurance producers are experienced in designing programs for our commercial, municipal and county government clients. When a public or private sector decision maker shops for an insurance package, they expect more in exchange for their premium and so do we. We have the knowledge and experience and understand that you expect comprehensive coverage that addresses your needs for risk management. We represent insurance carriers that provide risk management training designed to provide quality improvement through training programs provided by customized carriers for your industry. Michiana Insurance producers have the experience and knowledge to create the policy options you need to increase value for your organization. Don’t settle for an across the board commercial policy, contact Michiana Insurance for customized coverage that delivers quality while positively affecting your bottom line. Expect more with Michiana Insurance Services!


We offer many choices to help secure your financial future. From tax-deffered annuities to 401k rollovers,our agents work with you to provide peace of mindthat your nest egg will be safe.

The Pineapple in our Logo

Welcome to Michiana Insurance Services. Michiana Insurance was established in 1980.

In 1998 we added the pineapple to our logo. The pineapple is a symbol of hospitality — showing guests that the host had spared no expense for their pleasure.

It all started when Columbus brought this unusual fruit back to Europe after his travels to the Caribbean. Fresh fruits were rare in most of the homes of that time, and the pineapple,the rarest! It soon became the symbol of hospitality. The pineapple became the image of welcome, good cheer, graciousness, warmth and conviviality. (Those sentiments are ones we here at Michiana Insurance extend to each and every customer when they choose us for their insurance needs.) You’ve placed your trust in us – and we take that seriously. Count on a warm welcome every time you enter our doors!

Once you are a client of Michiana Insurance, we work hard to keep your rates in line without jeopardizing coverage.We represent many fine insurance carriers in an effort to meet all of your needs. Ask one of our thousands of satisfied clients. After all, if we don’t give you the best service we can, someone else will!